our services



Lifestyle Concept

We work with you to build a home that meets your lifestyle and help you fine tune the vision you have for your home or project.



We assess the feasibility of your project and ensure that it is viable in terms of the structural buildability. Can this door be replaced? Where does rain water go to? We reply doubts like these.


Design Detail

We help you decide on the design and the finer details such as the materials, finishes, colour samples, fabric selection and more.


Cost Estimate

With access to the highest quality materials for the best price, we collate all figures into a comprehensive cost estimate.


Site Implementation

As a registered CIDB builder we offer clients a one-point collaboration to ensure your home is delivered to you within the signed-off cost and quality.



Our strong pool of suppliers, in-house material library& in-house fabrication allows us to advise clients on the best local and international options to match their budget and brief.